Concussion Assessments


Baseline Concussion Assessments:


Athletes who have suffered from one or more concussions in the last year or two are strongly encouraged to undergo a Baseline Concussion Assessment before the start of their season. Through the use of our testing methods, we are able to attain thorough information which an athlete can then bring to their Sports Medicine Physician for a more informed decision for Return-to-Play. The Athletic Therapists at Keller Athletic Therapy will be undertaking Baseline Concussion Testing through the use of the Sport Concussion Assessment Tool (SCAT3) for any athletes or teams interested.


Head Injuries are by far the most common injuries and one of the most difficult injuries to manage in sport today. They are a HOT topic in professional sports, especially hockey, rugby and football. Therefore, the Canadian Athletic Therapists Association strongly encourages that all head injuries (concussions) are managed under the supervision of a team of professional sport healthcare practitioners including a Certified Athletic Therapist CAT(C), Sport Physicians, and Neuropsychologists.


Baseline Testing takes approx 30mins.



Post Concussion Assessments:


For those athletes who have just recently sustained a concussion and wish to be assessed post-injury in regards to their current status and return-to-play possibilities, are also encouraged to come see us asap.  Again through the use of SCAT 3 and other testing protocols, we will put the athlete through a variety of examinations, both mental and physical, in order to determine what stage of rehabilitation they are at.  Each individual is different when it comes to head injuries, it is impossible to determine timelines of anykind, therefore it is literally a day-to-day protocol.  Once we establish that an athlete is indeed ready for Return-to-Play, they must then visit a Sports Medical Doctor with our test results for official clearance to RTP.


Post-Concussion Assessments take between 45min-1hr.