Knee Bracing 

Jess Keller, Athletic Therapist

Why Might You Need a Knee Brace?

Knee instability is one of the most common issues we treat. Whether it's due to injury, osteoarthritis or connective tissue disease, knee bracing will significantly help stabilize your knee joint so you feel better instantly. Most people report immediate improvement of pain and increased stability. 

Bracing an unstable knee often allows people to return to sport, walk without assistance and can instantly improves quality of life. 


What Knee Braces are Offered

We offer knee bracing solutions by Ossur, which includes custom bracing fitted to  your exact specifications or off-the-shelf bracing, which can be adjusted to your needs.

Our athletic therapists will work with you to determine which knee brace is best suited for you and will take all measurements required to order the brace for you. Normal turnaround after assessment and sizing is approximately 1-2 weeks.  



Knee bracing rates vary based on individual needs and type of brace. Many private healthcare plans will cover knee bracing, but may require referral from a medical doctor. 

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