Lab Testing 

Jess Keller, Athletic Therapist

Why Would You Need Lab Testing?


Lab testing offers a perspective that would not otherwise be detected from physical observation. Whether it's blood, hormone, neurological, inflammatory, organ or bone assessment, lab testing provides a medical practitioner the insight needed to develop an accurate treatment plan. 


Naturopathic doctors are licensed in Ontario to requisition Standard lab testing and Specialized lab testing. All lab testing requisitioned by a naturopathic doctor is not OHIP-covered.


What Lab Tests are Offered


Standard Lab Testing includes all regular blood and urinary assessments that would normally be used by medical doctors, which include Complete Blood Count, Liver Panel, Kidney Panel, Cholesterol Panel, Urinalysis (performed in-office), and more.


Specialized Lab Testing includes a broad range of blood, urinary and saliva testing such as Adrenal Function Panel, Sex Hormone Panels, Environmental Toxins, Organic Acids, and more.




Lab testing rates vary greatly based on the type of testing is required. 


For more information on the lab testing we offer, book a consultation with one of our naturopathic doctors or contact us today!