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Why an interdisciplinary approach to treating weekend warriors makes sense!

Working as a unified integrative team, the practitioners at Keller Active Health apply a wide variety of therapies to help you solve your pain and resolve its root cause so you can live pain-free and continue to perform at the highest level possible!

Diagnosing the Issue Pain is often difficult to diagnose and its cause can be elusive. That’s why we established an integrative team to tackle your concerns from multiple angles and perspectives.

Regardless of the type of practitioner you engage with, the first step is to collect your story.

The next step is to conduct the clinical examination, using physical exams, diagnostic imaging and laboratory testing (if applicable), and functional assessments to develop our diagnosis. Note that we can requisition all basic testing and imagining. Functional testing (eg food intolerance testing, hormone testing, etc) is can also be requisitioned.

Once a diagnosis has been established, we can use a combination of therapies to treat your concern. What exact interventions are used depends on the diagnosis.

These are some of the core interventions we apply to physical injuries and performance concerns:

Hands-On Physical Therapy

We are proud to offer one-on-one, hands-on physical therapy via our athletic and physiotherapists. When you have an initial assessment and treatment, you'll have one full hour with your therapist. Follow-up treatments range from 30-60 minutes and are always one-on-one.

Dietary Nutrition Guidance Pain often stems from chronic inflammation and/or nutritional deficiency. By working with one of our naturopathic doctors, you can determine what your ideal diet should look like to address both inflammatory and performance concerns. Establishing a solid nutritional base is core to your overall foundations of health.

Our naturopathic and chiropractic doctors may also prescribe dietary or herbal natural health products (supplements) to either resolve nutritional deficiencies or address specific symptoms.

Spinal Adjustments and Manipulations Chiropractic medicine employs a variety of spinal adjustments and manipulations that are used to tackle a wide variety of musculoskeletal issues. They are non-invasive and focus at the interaction between your bones, muscles and nervous system.

Acupuncture and Dry Needling Acupuncture is an ancient and well-researched intervention involving the insertion of tiny needles in specific spots across the entire body. It may be used to address overall health concerns that could be contributing to pain/injury, such as insomnia, stress, or inflammation; or it can be used to release specific trigger points , which is called dry needling.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is one of the most common and effective methods to relieve muscular tension, alleviate pain, and restore physical balance. MT can be a primary intervention or is a wonderful complementary therapy to broader treatment protocols.

Shockwave Therapy

Some injuries are chronic in nature and contain residual scar tissue that needs to be broken down for deeper healing. Shockwave therapy is an incredibly effective intervention for chronic nagging injuries.

Personal Training

Most often, injuries can be prevented when athletes apply proper form to their activities. Working with a personal trainer is essential to helping weekend warriors maintain proper form. Sometimes, it just takes a little guidance from a skilled trainer who can show you proper movement and stretching techniques.


Overall, working with an integrative and collaborative team makes sense. Rather than running across town and working with multiple practitioners in their own independent silos who don't know what the other practitioners are doing, working with a health team that can communicate over your care will support you in treating and preventing those injuries that keep you from doing what you love!