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George Prionas is an associate who specializes in the fields of performance coaching, mental preparation, and sports counselling. He obtained a Master’s degree with an emphasis in counselling from Wilfrid Laurier University, and he holds both B.A. and B.Sc. degrees. George uses solution-focused therapy to help athletes realize and reach their full potential. By helping an athlete focus on their strengths and work through the challenges he or she is experiencing, George is able to help them build confidence, concentration, stability, and consistency, all important characteristics to help an athlete be competitive and reach their goals. If you’re an athlete looking for an edge up on the competition, trying to overcome a sports-related issue, or looking to get back into the game following an injury, talk with George. He will help you!


People often forget how important the MENTAL component of "Return To Play" really is. When an athlete has overcome their physical injuries, they still must cope with the mental aspect. They usually have a hard time trusting their injured limb not to let them down again. This is where George comes into play. Not only does George help athletes and active individuals overcome such fears and apprehensions but as you can see below, he also deals with a lot of other important issues that are quite often missed, or people aren't sure who to see/talk to about them.


George is skilled in counselling athletes suffering from:

- Performance Anxiety

- Depression

- Mental Preparation

- Superstitions  

- Eating Disorders

- Sports-Related Addiction

- Coach or Team-Related Conflict

- Abuse


George can be reached at: