"The staff at KAT is wonderful. My daughter’s therapist, Alanna Burke, is caring, attentive and professional. She did a thorough assessment, paid attention to detail and tailored an exercise program specific to my daughter’s physical needs. Her vast knowledge, experience and passion for what she does, enabled her to answer any questions we had. As a young girl competing in gymnastics for the first time, it was challenging for my daughter to overcome her knee injury, but with Alanna’s support and appropriate treatment plan, my daughter got better and regained her confidence. She’s very grateful. These are my daughter’s quotes about her experience: “Alanna is very nice” “Awesome!” “The treatment is not scary” “It helped a lot, a lot, a lot!”

Stacey Louis-Jean (Mother) & Chelsea Louis-Jean (Daughter), COMPETITIVE GYMNAST



"What can I say about Keller Athletic Therapy (KAT)……they are the best! I made my first appointment about 3 years ago while out on a run when I heard the dreaded “pop” and then the excruciating pain of an Achilles tendon tear. It was only a couple of months before my race, which I now thought, was not going to happen. But thanks to Jess I was able to run that race pain free and post one of my better times. Since that initial meeting with Jess I have been back for numerous running related injuries and treatments for my back pain due to my scoliosis. The staff at KAT takes the time to explain to you what the problem is and answer any questions or concerns you may have about the injury or treatment. Between clinic sessions and the customized exercise programs I was sent home with, I was always amazed with how quickly Jess and her team had me back to running and pain free. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and their vast knowledge of sports related injuries are why I would recommend anyone to Keller Athletic Therapy. Their sense of humor is an added bonus! Thanks KAT!"




“I love Jess's energy and enthusiasm. She is not only determined to assess and treat my injuries when they happen but she wants to figure out why I'm injured and prevent a recurrence. Training for Ironman races is hard on the body and Jess keeps me healthy. Regular preventative treatments with her, keeps me in good shape so I can keep up the training. I could never do what I do without her help and guidance!!!”




“Jess Keller is a terrific athletic therapist. I have approximately 3-4 jiu-jitsu injuries per year that can take quite some time to heal. She is absolutely amazing in how she treats these injuries and gets me back to the mat in record time. She has also helped me a lot to increase my flexibility, preventing future injuries and increasing my mobility/effectiveness in martial arts.I have been working with Jess for more than a year – she always comes through and gets me back to exercise much quicker than I had hoped for. I have the utmost respect for Jess Keller as an athletic therapist, and can recommend her whole-heartedly to everyone.”

Dr.Thomas Schlumpberger, CYCLIST & MARTIAL ARTIST



"Alanna has been truly awesome in helping me recover from a torn MCL. From the start she laid out a clear plan with graduated levels of exercise to ensure steady improvement in the knee with no regression at all. Alanna always gives clear instructions for all exercises. She is meticulous in teaching the correct form to maximize results. She always reviews and adjusts exercises based on my feedback. Really she is an awesome athletic therapist!"

Antoinette Jones, ACTIVE RETIREE



"I have been a regular and frequent user of the AT services in the past 3 years. I've found the treatments offered by an AT to be better and more effective than regular massage therapy, ART and even physiotherapy. I have been able to continue pursuing high-endurance sports such as marathon and ironman triathlon without injuries thanks to regular AT treatments from Jess."



"I’ve known Jessica Keller, CAT(C), for a number of years. She was in fact a student/athlete when I first met her. Her determination to excel in the sport of field lacrosse, which she played the Ottawa High School League, a boys’ league, lead her to me in my capacity as a community box lacrosse coach. The only thing that held her back was her size – she competed anyway. Since then, Jess has looked after both myself and my son for injuries incurred in lacrosse and competitive judo. In my case she also worked on a disk problem for me. She’s confident, competent and dedicated to getting the athlete back on the field as soon as possible, but only when he or she is truly fit to return. I believe that Jess Keller is typical of her colleagues – well trained, competent and dedicated to ‘getting it right’ and getting the athlete (or anyone else for that matter) back to functioning at the level they are used to."




"After seeing several different medical professionals about my neck and shoulder pain, Jess (my superhero athletic therapist) was able to accurately assess the pain I was feeling in my neck/shoulder and provided the best form of treatment to get me pain free, quickly. I strongly believe that athletic therapy should be part of any training program, for maintenance and prevention of injuries."




"My sister, Jess Keller, is my athletic therapist. However, disregarding the fact that she is family, I can honestly say she is the most dedicated, caring and qualified health professional I know. She has aided me dozens of times in serious sport related injuries that without her care would have otherwise impeded my daily life. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field, and has an incredibly in depth understanding of the human body and its physiology. Having studied health sciences and striving to pursue a career in medicine, I am amazed at the extent to which these therapists understand the body. Athletic therapists also have the added benefit of being able to work both in the clinic and on the field in response to emergency. As a result, they essentially represent an interim between a paramedic and a sports physiotherapist, something HIGHLY valuable and essential when dealing with sport-related injuries."

Alex Keller, ND (Naturopathic Doctor), MARATHON RUNNER & RETIRED RUGBY PLAYER